Here you see some of the ring types used in this program

Often the conditions for ring reading are not the best. Then it is useful to know what kind of rings are used and what they look like. Especially for people who often go out for ring reading it's necessary to know about the different ring types and possible inscriptions.

You see on this photo (from left to right):

TE footring for Black Swan
T81 footring for Greylag Goose
PX5 footring for Greylag Goose (other type)
1C8 neck collar für Canada Goose
P95 footring for Canada Goose
B93 footring for Canada Goose (other type)
HH3 footring for smaller goose species (z.B. Egyptian-, Bar Headed-, White-fronted Goose)

The colour footrings of the geese show always a three charakter code. (Letter/number/number or letter/letter/number). Neck collars for Canada Geese have a letter in the middle (number/letter/number) and neckbands for Egyptian Geese only 2 character (number/letter). The rings of Black Swans show a two charakter code (letter/number or letter/letter).

If the conditions are good it is sometimes possible to read even the metall rings of birds ringed without additional c-rings.

On this picture you see some rings of the ringing center Hiddensee used in this program. The inscription starts always with two letters followed by six numbers.

BA009160 alloy-lipring for larger species
BA005697 steelring for larger species
CA000041 steelring for smaller species

Here you see some other ring types, which are found on geese in Germany.

B51675 ring of the ringing center Radolfzell
259584 ring of the ringing center Helgoland
M3854 ring of the ringing center Bruxelles
I BR @ 93 O 632 ring of German waterfowl keepers (closed ring)

Thanks to Wolfgang Fiedler, Soenke Martens, Didier Vangeluwe for giving showed rings to us

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